Hey Sarah, Why Are You So Excited???

This coming Saturday, November 3rd, Innovations en Concert is letting me and Felix Del Tredici take over the Red Roof church with our dream concert of solo repertoire for our respective instruments. Fresh from the mountains of Banff and my little practice hut of glorious musical solitude, I will perform compositions exploring language and memory – including Henri Pousseur’s Mnemosyne I and excerpts from George Aperghis’ Recitations, as well as premieres of new works by Montreal composers Luke Nickel and Mason Koenig.

Felix will be tackling some of the masterworks of the 20th century trombone canon — Luciano Berio’s Sequenza V and Giacinto Scelsi’s fascinating Maknongan as well as new Canadian works and a piece written for him him by his uncle, American composer David Del Tredici.

We’ll also have special guests (i.e. Jeff Stonehouse will help me reprise Kate Soper‘s fabulous Only The Words Themselves Mean What They Say), and I hear there will be snacks at the intermission! Yeah! Great music, great company, and a rumour that there might be great snacks, all for only $10 at the door!

This is all happening this coming Saturday, November 3rd at 8pm at the Red Roof Church/Church of Saint John the Evangelist (137 Avenue du Président Kennedy, metro Place des Arts). Can’t wait to see you there!

more info:

P.S. Stay tuned to my blog for sneak-peek sound bytes, tasty score images, “I SURVIVED SINGING A LOT OF MUSIC BY MYSELF” anecdotes and post wrist-brace writings!

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