How many posts can I fit in one post?

Hey dears! Let me begin by saying that I am beginning to develop an appreciation for Twitter– mainly, for the brevity it forces upon its users. Not that I’ve spent much time updating you folks on my activities that way, either… alas, I digress…


So much has happened since my last post! In fact, the so much that has happened is very directly related to the lack of posts of late!

Let me fill you in:

1- I went to The Banff Centre to work on my trickpony project and study Pierrot Lunaire with the INCREDIBLE Marianne Pousseur. Please take a moment to check out her site. It was such an inspiration to meet and work with her– she is my new singing hero– a warm and encouraging teacher, a lovely, joyful person, and a captivating performer.

2- I performed Mason Koenig‘s The Blue Book twice! And the first in a series of Luke Nickel‘s Reorganization pieces once. This time, it was a re-organization of a piece by Guillaume de Machaut.

3- Meetings and discussions are under way with Marie-Claire Saindon, Gayle Young, Elyze Venne-Deshaies and Aura Giles. 

3a- Gayle will visit this coming weekend and I’ll get to see what she’s been cooking up. We’ve looked over text and notation styles trying to find the best way to capture a personal story about brewing/growing kombucha at home.

3b- Marie-Claire is writing about winged creatures. So far, I have a butterfly and a moth. I wonder what’s next?

3c- I got a great look at Elyze’s first draft last week- lots of IPA, interesting vowel changes and many characters throughout.

3d- Aura sent me a gorgeous text she wrote some time ago. I had been going over some sketches she sent me earlier in the fall, with parts described as “Pastoral” and “Shower Song”. I can’t wait to see how the text will be integrated!

4- I’ve got an almost-final version of Sally’s delightfully playful and bizarre fairy tale. She’s waiting for me to recover from a lingering cold enough to sing more than squeak a runthrough so she can make revisions! This seems like it will happen soon as I’ve now sung more than squeaking for the first time in over a week.

5- I’m slowly learning the actions and sounds of Smiles from Miles (by Andy Costello) in tandem and not separately. The more I encounter this type of score/choreographic map, the more I want to encounter!! This piece will be performed in February at a show organized by Vox Humana (and many other times and places, to be sure!)

6- I’m working out the recording details with my dedicated sound engineer and technical counsellor, Todd Macdonald. I will be going into the studio in April, and hoping to get the album out for release not too long after. More details on this to follow!

7- I’m in admin mode re: spring performances. Stay tuned. I do have a very exciting announcement to make soon about a venue…

8- I’m going to escape for a few weeks in December to go somewhere quiet and work. One of the skills I’m being forced to learn with a busier and busier performing schedule is how to learn music without singing it over and over. There is, in fact, a lot of work that can be done silently studying a score. This is fairly new to me, and even though I’d always sort of been able to study a score silently and sort of get an idea, I can actually feel this skill growing. I’m always learning new ways to learn. Hallelujah!

I can’t believe I’ve hit the 6-month mark of this crazy year already! So much has happened, but a lot still has to happen. Luckily, I’m quite lucid about enjoying the process of this project. Good thing!

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