Moving along…

It can be really difficult to find time for blogging when one is very swamped with self-imposed music-learning. Alas, here I am!

Today’s mission is to work on movement to go with Sally Norris‘ whimsical Cautionary Tale. The text is based on an obsucre fairy tale, and I have the task throughout of embodying several different characters and flipping back and forth between them throughout. I asked my friend and collaborator, Lilian Belknap, to be my dramaturge/choreographer/director for this experiment. We’ve worked this way before, on Kate Soper‘s Only The Words Themselves Mean What They Say, (video here, with Jeff Stonehouse on dancing flute), and I love the way Lilan is able to extract meaning from words and infuse them with movement so that the meaning becomes even more clear and poignant– even when the movement is abstract. A violist by trade, Lilian has also worked in theatre and has a really, REALLY keen eye for what looks good on stage. I’m quite gung ho about working together in this capacity agin! Most importantly, we’ve got the green light for our ideas so far from the composer – excellent.

I’m going to share this morning’s variation on the classic performance anxiety dream: First, I was living at home with my parents in Windsor, ON. I had slept through my church service (which is tomorrow, in Montreal) and missed part of my opera rehearsal (as if I didn’t already have enough going on, I’m in the chorus for Opera da Camera‘s exciting upcoming production of Figaro!). Also, I was supposed to be performing works from the trickpony project at a concert at a church (my childhood church in Windsor) organized by a punk band, possibly involving a mixture of people I know from Montreal and teenage friends from Windsor. At any rate, I was expected at this concert, but I had just woken up, and was trying to find enough black clothes to put on to run to the concert, while warming up (hurried lip trills!) and trying to find my scores in the pile on my desk, because I hadn’t had time to memorize everything yet. But the worst part was that I’d had no clue the concert was in the afternoon, or even really that day– I had forgotten how soon it was and it had snuck up on me. It was also being recorded for some radio station, though I’m not sure which one. When I finally woke up, I was still trying to find the door to the church where everybody was waiting for me to perform… aaaaauuuugggghhhh!!! People! Don’t fret! I am taking measures to make sure this doesn’t happen in real life! Now, for a nice, relaxed, real-life Saturday warm-up…

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